About Us

wHat iS RappaLife? RappaLife, as the name suggests, is a project involved in the promotion of rapper life, as it’s lived and breathed by the streets that rap music and culture was born from.  We do this by way of skilled video and audio production, as well as sizzling promotion.


wHat wE oFFer: RappaLife offers production of both hard hitting, mood-enhancing, sophisticated street-grimy beats and high quality videos. We work with artists to actualize their vision and take an idea into Rappa-Life reality. Our production, both in audio and video, ensures you will have a captivated audience, hooked and thirsting for more. In addition, we offer the opportunity for you to get an electrifying street buzz, by way of promotional materials – t-shirts, cards and posters. All in all, we offer what you need to be part of the RappaLife.


wHo wE aRe: RappaLife was born with a strut and a Gucci cap, in Bed Stuy Brooklyn, like it’s founder and CEO, Smack Heezy. By way of being the Dr. Xavier of the street culture of rap living, Smack recruited the talented among his own family (spread throughout Brooklyn and the five boroughs), to assemble the iconic team of RappaLife. As he says it best “now that’s a small part of this RappaLife shit, if you like that, we till you hear my real shit….RappaLife!!!!!!!